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Gentle,thorough teeth cleaning by licensed professional staff,

All Cleanings include intra-oral camera exam, checks for cavities, cracks and broken teeth, periodontal problems, Oral Cancer Exam and Oral hygiene instructions

Routine Cleanings $147

Add Laser $60

Kids cleanings (2-15) $95

Overdue cleanings $180

4 different options for whitening ranging from $55-$450 click on button to learn more

Laser periodontal therapy is a quick and painless way to eliminate bacteria, stimulate bone growth, and collagen formation and promote healing (included in all periodontal maintenance and "Deep Cleaning" procedures).

Periodontal Maintenance $197

Deep Cleaning $335/quadrant

3 options to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

12 month commitment with options beginning at $120/month

A picture is worth a thousand words!


With an Intra-oral Camera exam, you get to see exactly what we see. This exam allows you to understand and make decisions for your dental health. These photos are easily sent to our associate dental team or to your own dental professional to help  with diagnosis and treatment. Included with any treatment

Digital x-rays provide for a quick diagnosis of teeth and supporting structures.  Digital x-rays emit less radiation and are easily shared between professionals.

Routine cavity detecting images  $85

Single Peri-apical xray $35

Full Mouth Images $185

Panoramic $185

VELscope is the only FDA approved method of detecting oral cancer at a cellular level.  This easy painless exam should be part of your yearly health maintenance.  Add to a teeth cleaning or as an independent service ONLY $38

Sealants are a simple, painless way to "Seal" cracks and grooves in the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent cavities.  Mostly applied to permanent teeth in children, sealants are beneficial to adults too.


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