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Teeth Cleaning

Gentle,thorough teeth cleaning by licensed professional staff,

All Cleanings include intra-oral camera exam, checks for cavities, cracks and broken teeth, periodontal problems, Oral Cancer Exam and Oral hygiene instructions

Routine Cleanings $147

Add Laser $67

Kids cleanings (2-15) $97

Overdue cleanings $187

Laser Periodontal Therapy

We provide the highest standard in non-surgical periodontal therapy including laser assisted "Deep Cleaning" and continuing maintenance. 

Deep Cleaning $335/Quadrant

Site Specific $85/Site

Maintenance $187

Digital Xrays

Laser Teeth Cleaning and Periodontl Therapy

Intra-oral Camera

Teeth Cleaning
Digital Xrays

Digital xrays provide less "radiation" and quick and easy diagnosis.  Easy to share with other providers too!

Routine x-rays (every 1-2 years) $85

Full Mouth X-rays (every 5 years) $185

Panoramic  (for wisdom teeth) $185

Intra-oral Camera Exam

Kids Too!

SEALANTS prevents cavities in teeth by "sealing" developmental grooves and cracks. $55/tooth

FLUORIDE VARNISH a topical fluoride that seals and remineralizes teeth helping to prevent cavities as well as masking tooth  sensitivity. $28

Oral Cancer Exam

 Quick and painless, VELSCOPE is an FDA approved mechanism for screening of oral tissues for cancer.  1 Person dies of oral cancer  every hour of everyday. Oral cancer is curable 90% of the time with early detection. $38

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

Kids Dental Vist


Need a filling, crown or orthodontics? Smile Spa32 works with a team of experienced, high quality dentists ready to meet your restorative and cosmetic dental needs. We only work with the best and have vetted "our" dental teams to ensure quality and awesome customer service.  We can however, refer you to any dentist you choose.  We support you by sending any xrays, photos and recommendations that have been made during your treatments with Smile Spa.

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