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Our mission is to  create beautiful smiles by delivering the highest quality dental hygiene and skin-care services possible.  When you look well, you feel well and act well. 


We at Smiles Spa are committed to changing the world ONE SMILE AT A TIME!


Cheryl Erickson Dental Hygienist and Esthetician
Cheryl Erickson

Registered Dental Hygienist/Esthetician

Cheryl graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in dental hygiene in 1982. After spending 3 years working as a hygienist in Zurich Switzerland, she moved to another Swiss-like place, Aspen Colorado. Cheryl earned her estheticians license in 2010 and Voila! Dental Spa. She is also a professional photographer and in her spare time loves skiing, camping, mountain biking, rafting, theatre and interior design.


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