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30 minute application of super strength bleach to "boost" whitening as a touch-up. Includes polishing.  

Requires 45 minutes $55

As an add-on to any dental treatment $45 (requires an additional 30 minutes)

Add a varnish to Seal and prevent staining $26

Thorough cleansing and exfoliation followed by an intensely hydrating Collagen masque to tighten and firm.

$47 requires 30 minutes

Add to any dental Service

Thorough waxing followed by any needed tweezing to remove unwanted hair.

Eyebrows $22

Lip $12

Chin $12

Cheeks $22

Full Face $65

Fluoride Varnish seals and protects to help prevent cavities and/or sensitivity...Lasts 6 months.

Perfect after Cleaning or Whitening.


An easy, painless procedure kills 99.9% of oral bacteria associated with gum disease as well as systemic diseases like heart disease and strokes.

Add to any dental procedure $52

Add a hand and foot massage or facial massage to any facial or dental treatment leaving you feeling relaxed and happy.

Hand and Foot $42

Facial massage $25

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